Non-Discriminatory Policy:

Saint Leonard School admits students of any sex, race, color, religious denomination or ethnic origin to all the rights, priveleges, programs and activities accorded or made available to students of the school. We do not discrimate based on sex, race, color, religious denomination or ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, admission policies and other school administered programs. Appplication for admission must be made through the office of the principal. The principal and/or designated school representative will determine if this parish school is the appropriate school program and environment for the student.

Requirement for Admission:

All candidates, including transfer students, for admission to Saint Leonard Parish School, will undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure proper placement. The screening and interview will be scheduled with the school principal and/or designated school representative. Prior to this time, parents/guardians must present previous reports of conduct and progress from the last three years of all schools attended (if applicable).

Prior to acceptance, in addition to conduct and progress reports, parents/guardians MUST FULLY DISCLOSE all health needs and/or all learning or behavior assessments concerning the child. This information is to include, but not be limited to, Individual Education Program (IEP w/in JCPS) documentation, 504 Plan (Louisville Archdiocese) or any other information on accommodations for students with disabilities that may apply to student success. The classroom teacher/student ratio does not allow for the time needed to redirect behavior disabilities. The school, in consultation with the student’s parents and other educational professionals, will decide if the school’s program will best meet an individual’s learning needs. FAILURE OF DISCLOSURE COULD RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.

Age requirements:

•Preschool: 3 years of age by August 1 of the current year

•Kindergarten: 5 years of age by October 1 of the current year (August 1, beginning fall 2017)

•1st Grade: 6 years of age by October 1 of the current year

Upon acceptance, original copies of immunization, preventive health care examination form and state-issued birth certificates are required. Kentucky Eye and Dental Examination requirements must be satisfied by January 1 of the current year. Baptismal certificates are suggested for Catholic students (for sacramental purposes).

Procedures for Admission:

1. Contact the school office to obtain necessary forms.
2. Supply the school with completed registration forms and deposit.
3. Principal will review the student's records provided by parents/guardians. If the student is transferring from a Catholic School in our diocese, our principal will speak with the principal of that school.
4. Screening and interview of prospective student.
5. Following screening, the principal will meet with the child's parents/legal guardians.
6. The parents/legal guardians must also meet with the parish business manager to discuss financial arrangements for payment of tuition.
7. If there is room in the class, the student has successfully passed the screening and interview process, it appears the student would benefit from our program, and financial arrangements have been made, then the student is invited to join our parish school.
8. A letter of acceptance or a waiting list notification will be sent from the school office. At the discretion of the school administration, a student may be accepted for a probationary period.

Financial Assistance/Scholarship Funding:

Families for whom tuition may present a hardship are encouraged to request tuition assistance funded by the Catholic Education Foundation, Inc. (PSAS), School Choice Scholarships and the Lurlin Yochum Charitable Trust. Applications are available after January 1 and can be obtained by contacting the Parish Office. Click HERE for more information.

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